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About the Author:   Dr. David P. Livingston, Ph.D.

During Dr. Livingston's studies in Israel, he realized the importance of correctly locating the Biblical cities of Bethel and Ai, in order to resolve the resultant dating controversies that have grown up based on previously suggested sites.  He believed these previously suggested sites have been erroneously located.  (See his articles on this subject for more information;  see, also his book on his archaeological digs and research on Bethel and Ai, Khirbet Nisya: The Search for Biblical Ai, 1979-2002).   As a result of his beliefs and research, he founded the Associates for Biblical Research in 1969 in order to facilitate teamwork and research of scholars interested in Biblical studies in the areas of science, cults, archaeology, and ancient languages.  He directed Associates for Biblical Research for 25 years.  He was the editor of ABR's magazine "Bible and Spade" for six years, wrote a newsletter for 20 years and produced a radio show called "The Stones Cry Out"; he wrote and published many articles on Biblical studies, ancient history, and creation-evolution issues.   He finalized his report for the excavations of Ai at Khirbet Nisya.

[Note: Dr. Livingston did NOT endorse Khirbet el-Maqatier as a possible location for Ai, despite the endorsement it has recently been receiving from Associates for Biblical Research. Khirbet el-Maqatir meets NONE of the Biblical geographical descriptions of the surrounding areas as noted in Scripture, as well as none of those for the description of Joshua's Battle of Ai. It is precisely for this same reason - namely, looking to find a location that DOES match Biblical descriptions - that he originially discounted other proposed locations for Ai (including at the time, Khirbet el-Maqatir), and began his own research to find the real Ai. It would, therefore, make no sense for him to endorse yet another proposed location that also does not meet the Biblical geographical descriptions of Ai and its surroundings. There were numerous cities present in Joshua's day; that does not make them all candidates for Bethel or Ai - they obviously need to match the descriptions in the Bible in order to be a candidate. It is clearly evident that Khirbet Nisya does line up perfectly with all of the Biblical descriptions; thus Dr. Livingston stood commited to his belief that Khirbet Nisya is, indeed, the ancient Biblical city of Ai.]

Dr. Livingston directed eighteen seasons of excavations at Khirbet Nisya, which is his proposed site for Biblical Ai (Khirbet Nisya is 11 miles north of Jerusalem).  His doctoral dissertation was a complete report on six seasons of excavation at Khirbet Nisya.   He participated additionally in excavations in Jerusalem, Jericho (twice), Jezreel, Bourgata, and Gezer.  He conducted more than 25 tours in Israel, Jordan and Egypt.

In 2001 Dr. Livingston was invited to become the staff archaeologist for the ArcImaging effort in Turkey to find Noah's Ark.  He was an adjunct professor and spoke at many schools and churches in the U.S.A. In the 1960's, he served as the president of Kwan Dong College in Kang Nung, Korea -- now Kwandong University (in GangNung - the Koreans changed the spelling) with over 10,000 students and affiliates with many universities around the world.  He traveled extensively in Europe teaching modular courses in Bible schools and seminaries in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany, France, Crimea, Ukraine, and Latvia.   In the U.S.A. he gave more than 50 seminars on scientific creationism and biblical archaeology.

Dr. Livingston resided with his wife near Lancaster, Pennsylvania.  He has three children, eleven grandchildren and twelve great-grandchildren. His wife has authored a book about Dr. Livingston's family history, The Livingston Chronicles, her family in Mom's Story, and has written up the story of their ten years in Korea from 1956 - 1966 in Never Alone. Her website is located at www.estherlivingston.com.

Dr. Livingston went to be with the Lord on November 25, 2013. Thus he is no longer available for speaking and teaching.  We will be happy to answer your questions when contacted, as we worked closely with him and know the answers he would have given to quite a few details and have been handling his emails for several years now, because he became totally blind the last couple years of his life. We enjoy hearing from you. His daughter will continue to run his website for him. The purpose of this website is to post his articles to provide easy access to his research and writings in order to aid the public in their own studies and research. A summary of Dr. Livingston's life and his memorial service information can be read by clicking here.

A memorial fund was been established to continue his work at Khirbet Nisya (Ai) and Psagot, to assist in establishing an archaeological park and visitors' center, as well as several anticipated publications relating to the park and the digsite. [If you are unable to download the brochure for the visitor's center, a click here for a compressed version.]   The settlers living in P'sagot are sponsoring the park and continuing with its development and upkeep. If you are interested in donating to this project, please contact us.

For those who missed the service, you may view the video of Dr. Livingston's Memorial Service, held December 14, 2013.

Associates for Biblical Research dedicated their 40th Anniversary issue of Bible and Spade, (Summer, 2009) to Dr. Livingston's research.
(Please note Dr. Livingston did NOT endorse ABR's more recent claims of Khirbet el-Maqatir as a possible location for Ai - which will be mentioned in this publication - because it does not fulfill Biblical descriptions for it to be a proper location.)

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